Suitable for a variety of applications from home and commercial security through to animal management and large game reserves. 

Manufactured from top quality materials, 

Robustly designed energizers.

fencing brackets

Offering a large range of brackets to suit most wall types.

Finished in a high quality outdoor powder coating, or hot-dip galvanised for coastal conditions. 

With different types of designs and finishes.


Variety of fence wire, which is available in a solid or stranded option. Aluminium wire has the lowest resistance allowing longer fences to be powered up. Stainless steel which is recommend for corrosive and coastal environments, and galvanised wire for good electric conductivity and mechanical strength.

Connectors, Cables and accessories

HT cable, ferrules, line clamps and bridging wires, all designed to meet your security requirements.

HT cable is designed to carry high voltages to and from areas. Ferrules and line clamps are used as a permanent connection between two joined wires.